Short Bio

My name is Daniel Zhang. I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Notre Dame (2016-present). I work at Social Sensing Lab under the supervision of Prof. Dong Wang. I got my M.S in Information Security from Purdue University, West Lafayette (2012-2014). Before that, I attained my B.S in Information Security Engineering from SJTU (2008-2012).

My research focuses on human-centric computing, real-time and energy-aware edge computing with non-cooperative IoT devices, deep learning for misinformation detection, privacy and security, and building large-scale real-time distributed systems.

I'm Teaching Assistant for Computer Networks and Social Sensing and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Research Projects

Truth Discovery on Social Media

Identifying the truth among an influx of noisy information (Fake News, Rumors, Spams, etc.) in online social media platforms.

Edge Computing + Social Sensing

Leveraging billions of Personal IoT devices to provide scalable and near-edge computation for social sensing applications.

Spatio-temporal Prediction

Performing prediction given sparse and noisy historical data, to provide effective recommendations (e.g., health alerts, POI recommendation) for citizens.


My publication list is also available on Google Scholar and DBLP.


Daniel (Yue) Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate at Computer Science and Engingeering at University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN, USA

Email: yzhang40 at nd dot edu